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Bob Green Innes,

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.... seeking to restore values, traditions, institutions, laws and protections Canadians once enjoyed
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#11 - Reflections on Extremism

What happens if they don't fix the system?

Jason Allen, an intrepid Hamilton blogger recently wrote an article (also see RTH link below) that basically posed the question of what happens if young people cannot find jobs, especially after wracking up enormous debts getting educated - and then re-educated for want of anything better to do. As discord rises and problems remain unsolved, will an extremist come along to fill the political void and will their message appeal to despairing minds, or empty minds unable to comprehend how an extremist can ruin our future?

MSM disses solutions

Having run for office a few times, I can attest to the frustration of trying to fix the system in the approved manner. Whether or not I had any good ideas, I concluded the process is corroded by a judgemental and dismissive MSM that will not bring outlier arguments and concerns into the debate, ostensibly for lack of economic space or existing interest or whatever. In my latest effort for instance, despite that education accounts for half the tax burden, the only thing the Spectator had to say was that with 4 candidates, the incumbent was sure to win!!! What kind of crappy informing of citizen readers is that?

Citizens, even connected citizens are proving themselves too lazy, too hidebound to even use the internet to research their candidates , and since the system is in dire need of reform, one has to wonder how such reforms can be made if relative moderates such as myself cannot be heard or evaluated properly because MSM ignores us. Obviously, either one has to commandeer lots of money with which to impress advertizing hungry media. The only alternative is to try attention grabbing stunts but if MSM decides the platform is not mainstream, one is mocked. That leaves the adoption of an extreme view as the only viable way to get noticed - or possibly mobilize disaffected people without having to rely on MSM at all.

In order for that to happen, the message must appeal. Many people, especially young or distressed people usually want to either accept the system holus bolus or break it completely, depending if one is achieving success - or not. Complex nuances are of little interest either way. One is happy with the status quo, the angry other wants simple solutions now. By the time one gets to my age, one understands how intricate the system is and how difficult it is to change because changes invariably have unintended or indirect consequences - something like slamming your fist into a bowl of jelly - it just comes up somewhere else. An example of this would be rent controls. Rent controls simply make moving unaffordable which increases traffic as the target group, on average, will be wiling to commute further instead of moving to a new residence on which rents would statistically have risen more than on one's own, other things being equal. One needs to think latterally about public matters but angry or distressed voters don't want to hear how complex the system is, they only respond to extreme messages.

Democracy Failing

We have seen in the last few years how the democratic process is failing before our eyes. The meltdown exposed the egreggious abuse of the system by monied class which could buy any (de)regulation they wanted, or simply, in Madoff's case, moved from being a regulator to being a crook. We saw in the G20 meeting how federal, provincial and municipal police action was blatantly illegal and unconstitutional. McGuilty just stays mum. We see how Monsanto abuses due process to force farmers not using Monsanto seed from their farms. Coal barons flout environmental laws and buy judges to circumvent justice. Dozens of other abuses are piling up in the system, major and minor, and nothing seems to come of it.

In addition, economic imbalances are becoming so aggravated as to cause genuine distress and widespread anxiety. We are assured everything is on the mend. We sense uncounted unemployment, unadmitted inflation, economic growth too rosy to be real instead of the actual contraction that has been going on for decades. We see these false assurances on the news every day, especially American news. I've written about this before. A president elected with great promise, panders to the elite and delivers little to his supporters. Seems an extremist might be quite welcome, even by my lights. Something has to break the logjam. If not an extremist, what?

What now?

The risk of course is that the extremist goes too far and like Hitler, subverts the process until civil protections are lost. He had his reasons, convinced that his concept of lebensraum was the right thing, and the people agreed, at least while things were going well. Others think an extremist is just someone who is right leaning (whatever that is) or left leaning or not liberal (whatever that is) or anti immigration, or anti (pick your religion). If one merely promotes so-called 'WASP' values, traditions or institutions, is it enough to earn the extremist label? Others think an extremist is defined by the willingness to use violence and intimidation - but we don't think of criminals or Mafia or drug lords as extremist. This category however, easily includes what we call fundamentalists - like Bin Laden, although the correct understanding of this person is not to be found in MSM or daily discourse. Some day I will get around to discusing the problem we have in understanding so-called fundamentalism - the key is to reflect on one's starting point instead of how the other is portrayed.

In the discussion at RTH, commenter Undustrial asked is not the status quo extreme by its own measure?

I don't like the term "Extremist" because it's a relative view. Everything is extreme compared to the status quo somewhere. There are fundamentalist Quakers, Buddhist monastics with very "extreme" views, but in real terms they are far more peaceful and moderate than those of most centrist liberals.

Indeed, mainstream is represented by NINJA loans, trillions of bailout, endless suburbia, clearcutting, plus Bush's legacy. Bush eliminated basic protections such as habeas corpus, prohibitions on the US military acting on its own soil, preparation of emergency concentration (FEMA) camps, campaign of fear at home and abroad, homeland security apparatus growing to KGB standards, etc. Obama has done nothing to undo or reverse this trend which started many presidents and many dirty tricks ago and which if not interrupted, has only one outcome - chains.

In my estimation, the best description of this process has been rendered by a practically unknown writer, Charles Adams, former tax lawyer and U/T prof who penned The Impact of Taxes on the Course of Civilization, available at the Hamilton Library. He reviews all of recorded history and shows the gradual but usually inexorable increase of taxation, regulation, public expenditures, public deficits, and the endpoint - taxpayers in chains. Most people do not know a fact which startled me - at one point Roman slaves revolted when threatened by, guess what? - - - - - FREEDOM!!! Check it out. Years earlier, they became voluntary slaves in preference to remaining free and having to pay crushing taxes to support the various emperors and their military industrial complex. The emperors naturally closed the slave-loophole. Maybe we will reopen it?

Are these trends not rapidly creating some sort of corporatist-bankster state? Is the increasing of control by Harper's PMO a healthy sign of democracy breaking out? Mainstream folks do not want to accept the tougher descriptives that now should be applied - Fascism, Oligarchy, Socialism, Corporatism, etc. Since there was no war or other line of demarcation, we prefer to deny the truth to ourselves, pretending that our vote still counts. MSM is happy to oblige with lots of entertaining news and sports.

The Real Question

Now therefore, the question is exactly reversed. Instead of worrying about what MIGHT happen if we get an extremist, should we not be worrying about what most certainly WILL happen if we do NOT get a fringe candidate, an unknown, an 'extremist'? Status quo money is an unstoppable driving force, apathy is our undoing, ignorance and closed mindedness is the ally of the elitist bankers, globalists and other manipulators trying to muzzle, manipulate and squeeze the public, especialy the taxpayer. MSM plays both sides, distracting one moment, pontificating and misleading the next. The guide of history shows that both by age and by inclination, the US is now vulnerable. Heavy debts burden taxpayers. Vigorous youthful competitors flood our markets because the moneyed interest is profiting. Our so called democracy is paralysed because the public is brainwashed - or complicitly employed in the fleecing ie. employees of Walmart and other importers. Employed Liberals are so soft hearted, they would rather worry about Chinese sweatshops or coffee workers than their out-of-work neighbour. (Or, digressing for a moment, African overpopulation than local Abortion mills, or Global Warming than local fertilizer runoff). We are so brainwashed to think globally that 'we' cannot think locally any more. By whom? Who is 'we' anyway? MSM and their subscribers (subs), that's who 'we' is. Their customers are employed, the unemployed have cancelled their subscription. Now the unemployed, if they cancelled their cable too, are perhaps able to think for the first time in years, if not in their lives. Youth too, especially those unemployed, are already unplugged somewhat from MSM while being plugged into the internet. ( I wish i could Tweet!) I'd like to think that an 'extremist' could tap into this -- although time is running out in the upcoming election cycle, there is always hope for the next. I'd like to think an extremist could undo the damage already done, push the reset button and restore us to the conditions our fathers fought for in WW2.

Sarah Palin anyone? Many despair at the prospect and perhaps they are right about certain personality traits. The US has already had one 'aw-shucks' president and look what happened. In my mind, this is not the worst possibility. That belongs to the third contender from the Bush dynasty, brother Jeb who ran Florida during the hanging chad debacle. Voting machines anyone? I don't trust voting machines (and see no need for them). Who knows what hiddend code lurks within its computer chip. We have to go after the people who push these evil technologies onto us.

But enough of the US. What is Canada going to do? We do not even have a Sarah Palin to root for. Our 'extremist' is already ensconced - Harper, and his heavy, Flathead the Terminator. We'd better count our worry beads. Or just stand like deer in the headlights. Our troubles will soon be over. Not.

So, Jason, there's my answer to the question you raised. I doubt it is what you were hoping to hear. But that's what i see coming at us.

PS. Isn't that a horrible idea. Jim Flathead, the banksters' man, arranges to bump off Harper and takes over (easy for banksters, think Kennedy). Now we'd have the banksters in control-direct. Did you ever wonder why that hasn't happened yet, or why the Yanks never marched in and made us a colony? I mean, half our citizens would welcome it, at least at first. Until the screws tightened. It's not because they don't our resources (which they already own), its that the banksters and their corpitycorps** cronies need an outlet, an alternative, an escape hatch. A decent place they can run to as Yankeeland melts down into conflict and uproar. They need us Canuks to maintain their soon-to-be-private domain. They just want us to shuddup and go along. Which is why MSM keeps sports as the opiate of the masses. Thanks Spec.

Stay tuned, happy thoughts always on tap!

** Margaret Atwood calls them corp-se-corps men


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