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Bob Green Innes,

Trustee, Ward 4, Public System.  

.... seeking a return to sustainable, traditional, family based values and education.....back to basics

Post Mortem

First, a thanks to all who voted for me, or to be more precise, as few had actually met me, the vision I put forward. Results were a bit disappointing but not unexpected. A ward that always votes NDP (party of big unions) can't be expected all of a sudden, to vote for a small-c (anti big-c) conservative. Not without things getting much worse in a way that jars folks out of their rut. I believe such a crisis is almost upon us - think Iceland, Greece & Britain. Our turn will come, the spendier the speedier!.

The incumbent ran a strong campaign with full colour brochure and well placed signs (think money) which is itself a strong argument for term limits or some other corrective. Second place I'm describing as pro-parent, lets-improve-stuff-but-lets-not-rock-the-boat although having not seen any literature, this may be an inaccurate but i hope not unfair characterization. Third place was an out of ward candidate having roots in the communist party and union movement who of course promised everything and costed nothing.

We are told to respect the voter but it seems Hamilton voters keep returning incumbents because they are 'nice fellows' - despite screaming need for change and resolution of many issues. Partly the process is wrong and in the trustee case, there was almost no process, no debate, no coverage at all despite the fact that education swallows fully half of one's tax payments. Dumb. Ward 2 councilor results showed both the positive - departing incumbent bringing out plenty of choice - and the negative stupidity of our first-past-the-post system giving the win to someone who got such a low percentage of the vote. Clearly they needed a runoff as is done in France.

Any reader of this page will probably also appreciate that Hamiltonians are ignoring the internet as a means of understanding the world and researching their candidates. Big mistake, especially when the local media is so arrogant, judgemental, shallow and money motivated. If money is what it takes, Ward 4 will have to wait for younger, more motivated contenders or will have to get up off their butts to be more involved in the process, pushing me or someone else along. Signs and proper brochures are expensive and hard for contenders to justify, especially 4 contenders, which guaranteed incumbent comfort. Hopefully, next time, one contender can emerge who embodies the needed qualities. But cost/tax reduction had better be part of it or you'll likely see me trying to upset the apple cart again. Then again, this issue may solve itself when the crisis hits and needed changes come of their own accord. A good round of hyperinflation may be just the rebalancing medicine we need.

As for the family friendly, anti-equity message, this may take longer for folks to understand. Trudeau started it all and is still popular among the hoi-poloi. All his ideas were clever but unsustainable in the long run. The longer it runs, the harder it will come crashing down. Money will be the first to go which hopefully will waken folks but if not, we must await a more serious crisis (if that is possible) further down the road. Or not. It is quite possible that civilization will simply dissipate in the West, much as Jane Jacobs feared in her Dark Age Ahead, even as it rises in the East - again. Ancient Rome revisited? Hopefully we can pull up our socks before then.

Thanks again for hanging in. I'll go off to a different page for a little rant on mailboxes!

There are thoughts I'd like to pursue and while I enjoy the flexibility of writing my own html pages (with the help of Arachnophilia), I'm not up to the task of setting up a comment system and will be looking around for a suitable blog platform, hopefully in the not-too-distant future. Stay tuned. Suggestions welcome.

Bob Green I

Below is my top page for the trustee campaign which I'll leave up for awhile, mainly for the embedded links

* say no to unsustainable social values dictates from Queens Park,

    * say no to overspending your hard earned savings

        * say no to excessive union demands

            * say no to political correct nonsense

                * say no to insisting kids be drugged.

          * retired Professional Engineer, married, father of 2 including one still in the system.

          * pursuing many interests - partial list below

          * small-c conservative (but not a Harper PC - the party of big business!)

          * investigating causes of economic problems, finding troubling trends and possibilities

          * I'm running because I'm fed up with what we're doing to our political and educational systems -

          * poor trusteeship - minimal output from incumbent, out-of-ward contender

          * political correctness (mandated equity policies)

          * overspending, entitled unions, gold plated pensions - but no or less basic supplies (pencils, paper, texts)

          * poor results/ basics (cursive, spelling, reading) too many dropouts, poor approach to problem kids, ADD, ADHD

          * uniform system suits bureaucrats not kids, too little choice/ flexibility.

          * non transparent system (expenses, decisions, community input)

          * legal liability issues - playgrounds, bake sales gone. This is stupid.

          * re-emphasize basics - reading, writing, 'rithmetic,

          * reintroduce classical education concepts.

          * de-emphasize expensive technology,

          * re-emphasize logic, investigation, argument, oral presentation, memory, writing skills,

          * but not too basic: civics, arts, music, phys ed, history, are all important.

          * deemphasize rote learning in favour of didactic (argumentation, reasoning, debating)

          * de-emphasize credentialism

          * call for more choice, local (principal) control, work with parents of ADHD kids on alternatives.

          * stop overspending and kowtowing to unions

          * insist that the silent majority be heard from

          * "Chain myself to Queens Park doors" like old Vic Copps

          * I'll maintain a website to keep constituents informed of how my battles are progressing

          While its not possible to cover every issue a trustee might vote on, those wanting further insight into trustee perspectives, and my ideas might want to review my speech notes to the HW Council Home & School Assn's or visit my facebook page (under Bob Innes). This describes some of my thinking as it pertained to provincial issues during the previous election in which I ran as a member of the Family Coalition Party.

          Some questions to ponder.

          Why are Universities upset about new undergraduates?

          Has the school usurped the role of parents? At what age should sex ed begin? Are all lifestyles equal as taught in schools? What has feminization in our schools done to the prospects for our male children? Should the genders be separated? I A separate page discusses cost / budget/ tax issues.

          Why do we pressure parents to drug their children with Ritalin? Does the integration of special needs children into regular classes serve the taxpayer or the bureaucrat? Does it work?

          Are school administrators hands tied in dealing with sub par teachers? Do we admit that sub par teachers exist?

          How do compensation levels compare to taxpayers'? Should we cut salaries or Services - what will Britain do?

                      * say yes to getting rid of deadwood,

                  * say yes to more choice and flexibility

              * say yes to downsizing administration, budgets (salaries) but restoring basic supplies (services)

         * say yes to tougher standards and consequences

      * say yes to term limits for trustees.

      Links to related Interests.

      Comments, Requests.

        Please email me if you would like to comment, express interest in or share notes on any of the above subject areas - always very much appreciated and where appropriate will be posted or incorporated.

        Sorry for the spambot-fighting inconvenience but I've learned not to provide the normal link or the inbox becomes clogged or breaks down completely. Please paste the following then remove the spaces and add the usual symbols where noted:

        r o b e r t i n n e s (at sign) r o b e r t i n n e s (dot) c a.


      Updated Oct 2010